Career Reboot

March 23, 2018


That is probably the last Cinematography reel I'll ever create. Not because I won't do that job anymore, I still like it. More I'll be refocusing my career back to it's roots. I want to be a writer/director. Now before you say "you are one" I mean professionally. Not hired by myself to work for myself. I want a studio or producer to look at my writing and green light one of my ideas for me to direct. I also want to direct for others and write for others. This is what I got into film to do:


Be a storyteller.


That's what I have been for all my life. As a kid I made up stories as I played with She-Ra and Ninja Turtles. As a teen into adult DMing D&D games for my friends in a world I created myself. And of course the countless screenplays I write between filming other people's stories.


I've decided I won't pursue work on other people's projects but I won't turn down work that is offered assuming my schedule is open. To pay the bills (or attempt to) I'll focus on the corporate and educational editing and production work that I'm able to snag contracts in. Meanwhile, I'll continue my education in creative writing at SNHU.


This reboot won't happen over night and I'm going to have to take serious efforts to make sure I stay the course as well as not make some of the same career mistakes I've made in the past.


I'll keep these posts short.... I can't guarantee I won't swear. So, keep that in mind.


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