So I committed to writing a blog.

March 25, 2018

That moment when you realize you committed to put out content about something really vague..


 Basically I've committed to write a semi-regular blog about writing or trying to write or trying to get a writing career started. Like I said, vague. So, what am I writing? What am I working on that will progress this reboot forward? As someone who doesn't know how to function without juggling multiple projects I'm, of course, working on several things.


I should state I'm a nerd.


I've been playing dungeons and dragons since I was finally able to convince my brother to let me join his game at age 13. Since then I've been fully nerding it up consistently. Off and on in the last 16 years I've been working on my own world setting running many a campaign in it. DnD is a storytellers paradise. You either make up entire worlds, peoples and plots into fantastical stories for others to pretend to be in or you're pretending to be another person adding to someone else's master story. Obviously being a player is much more like being an actor but improving a narrative with others.

A few years ago I got the bright idea to publish my campaign world. Holy shit is that an undertaking. As much material as I have it is scattered through documents, on campaign websites, usbs and several drives. Plus I realized outside of my friends who the hell knew of my world? I literally had a target audience of like 15-20 people max. I decided to build an audience writing one shot adventures... Then in typical Jill fashion I put my focus on other people's works. Assisting and helping their stories.

Now that I'm in a career reboot to be the storyteller I always wanted to be I've put focus back on this endeavor. Right now I'm writing adventures for a ten part campaign to introduce the world to my world called 'Dangerous Don Duffield's Tall Tales of Derring-do'. I'm already alpha play testing adventures and I hope to start rolling out the adventures on DM's Guild and other such places as pdfs.

Working these adventures and my world's lore they are steeped in I realized as much as I love screenwriting I really thrive in this long format writing. True world building. Sure as director I can visually fill in the gaps in the world my screenplays are in that would have just overburdened a script but it just isn't the same. I get to create this in-depth backdrop a story takes place in. Living, breathing, aging world that many stories take place in.


Sure, I could write a screenplay in my campaign world but we've all see how well DnD movies go.


For now I'll work on nerd writing separately from my screenwriting.



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