Reviving Script Frenzy like it didn't die.

March 29, 2018

If you're a screenwriter who isn't fresh in high school... maybe middle school.


I don't know, Gen Zeds had the internet in the womb so maybe there were like 3 year olds participating in a month long screenplay writing challenge. Anywho, back in the day, early 2010's, Script Frenzy was a screenplay writing challenge every April ala November novel writing challenge. I wrote several first drafts doing Script Frenzy and then I pretty much stopped writing new scripts.


Being the end of March and me actively craving out writing goals I figured I'd do the Script Frenzy challenge... Then I found out it hasn't been a thing since like 2013-2014. That is when you realize it has been WAY to long since I've started a new script. Hell, 'Hard Data' started as a short film for a web series back in like 2014. That was the last new idea I really put effort into.

I had two options: accept Script Frenzy doesn't exist and thus has no solid thing to hold me accountable to write or pretend the damn challenge exists and write a first draft of a script this April. I picked the latter. So, I'm going to pretend Script Frenzy exists and announce my progress here on this multiple times a week each week in April.


I'm figuring out which idea I'm jumping on but I'm thinking 'See Jane See Red' which I was going to start last fall and then didn't. I also may use it to finish a few shorts that need new drafts and then start a feature. Or maybe something completely new.


No matter what I'll be aiming to write at least 90 pages in April's 30 days.

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