Back on Track | Plus April Writing Update

June 2, 2018


Sorry for the radio silence, I've been insanely busy. To update you on how my April script writing went: I got through most of a new draft of 'Ichor'. Was hoping to do more but I have a lot going on.


On top of that, I've been working on my degree in Creative Writing and now running a DnD stream for my campaign 'Wardens of Suijin' (logo designed by my brother Aaron Poisson). I'm also running a bi-weekly alpha test of another campaign I intend on publishing called 'Dangerous Don Duffield's Tall Tales of Derring-do'. Not as much screenwriting but certainly creative writing is happening.


I'm going to devote a few hours a week to this blog and use it to start working on Copy Writing samples. This means this blog will no longer be "eff my dyslexia" aka proofreading will be going on.




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