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  • Jill Poisson

The Break-In Artist | New Podcast Coming Soon

As a screenwriter, you often do a lot of research. Research about the genre you're writing in. Research about the time-period your story takes place in. Research about the job your character has. Research on how your character will do some technical "thing" in the story. Research that may arch the eyebrows of any federal agent taking a peek at your google history (VPNs eclipses incognito mode alone)–fun fact I can lockpick thanks to research for my short film A Room In Cairo.

With all the research writer's do there is the inevitable researching how to break into the industry. When we travel down the question, we're met with stories about how a writer was able to get their script into X person's hands who was an A-Lister (actor, director, producer, showrunner, etc.) via their rep or some industry connection. The rest is Hollywood history. As likely as winning the lottery. That can't be the story of every working screenwriter.

Additional research into how to break-in often brings the litany of books, seminars and one-on-one training courses on how to break-in by writers you've never heard of and whose IMDB pages are no more impressive than yours. There isn't a blueprint, just a smattering of guidelines that sometimes contradict each other. Advice is hard to come by, often vague, and is given by very talented screenwriters who broke-in decades ago. So, what are we to do?

We, in the royal sense, have decided to document our attempts in breaking in via a bi-weekly podcast. As a completely unknown award-winning writer with little in the way of connections, I know I need to get my scripts into people's hands. My podcast, The Break-In Artist, will show you the tribulations, successes and failures of my path towards breaking in. I hope I can lockpick the gateway of the industry and keep it open for anyone who wants to follow in the path I've laid out for myself.

My first episode will discuss my two-year plan, what influenced me to make the plan I did, and what are my expectations. Occasionally, I will discuss screenwriting and the film industry in general, including dissecting some of my favourite or least favourite films. The podcast will be available wherever you can find podcasts and on YouTube as an audiogram.

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