A Room In Cairo
Love Fools

A Room In Cairo

Early morning in Egyptian Hostel a CIA Operative must decide to what do with the man she lays next to.


Early one morning in the mid 1980s in the living room of a trailer on a small piece of land in a poor, rural town of Connecticut a sobbing 5-year-old J. Poisson thought her friends had left her instead of picking her up on their way to outer space in a custom build cardboard rocket that she had a hand in crafting. A film, Explorers (1985) had inspired the planned trip, and the handcrafted space ship. That morning before school J learned the difference between the fantasy of her favourite stories and the reality she lived in. A normal kid might have been crushed and become disenchanted to learn of the separation of fantasy and reality in such a devastating way but not J. Instead she revelled in the power of suspension of belief and fantastic worlds stories and movies could offer. She was so captivated by storytelling to the point in which she decided to peruse it as a career. Working as a screenwriter J has won a few minor awards won including an award for dramatic writing for a comedic script at the 2015 LA Web Fest.  Currently, J is making around several feature scripts including her script Hard Data, an 80’s style raunchy gender-bending comedy, which is already receiving some industry attention on the Black List. Not to be limited to one single genre, there is also her a neo-noir Ichor, a story knee deep in loss and guilt, and Maize, a brutal slasher film set in New England.


Hard Data | Opening Excerpt

May 2, 2019

147 based on Shakespeare's Sonnet

December 7, 2018

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Providence, RI, USA


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